Sugar beet workers reminded of safety guidelines

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The safety of those coming into crops and the good stewardship of products that growers rely onto protect crops are important both to Bayer and wider industry, explains Lizzie Carr-Archer, the firm’s campaign manager for root crops.

“We are continually reviewing and revising the protocols that guide product use and safeguard users to promote best practice. Within this context, we are re-stating the stewardship guidelines that protect users and the environment from exposure to crop protection products within the context of ever-changing industry practice.”

The guidelines from Bayer specify timescales and clothing requirements for workers hand-pulling bolters and weed beet from sugar beet crops. Where this has not been completed before spraying, workers are reminded that they should not re-enter the field within 48-hours of spraying.

Thereafter, and up to 10 days after spraying, pulling can be continued by workers wearing appropriate work wear –boots, gloves and long trousers – and waterproof trousers if the crop is wet. From 10 days after spraying there are no requirements and these guidelines do not apply to those visiting sugar beet crops for short periods such as agronomists when crop walking.

Bayer is contacting the growers and gang-masters involved in this activity to remind them of the new guidelines and Mrs Carr-Archer asks all those with responsibility for workers in sugar beet fields this summer to follow the stewardship guidelines.


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