Three new Senova pulse varieties on latest PGRO Descriptive Lists

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Senova has three new varieties on the PGRO Descriptive Lists for 2023, adding to grower choice and continuing to raise the standards of pulse crops.


Bonneville, a new winter bean with a pale hilum, joins the company’s portfolio of recognised winter bean varieties, which includes the market leader Vespa.

It comes onto the new Descriptive List 2023 with a yield of 102, together with a strong combination of agronomic and end market characteristics.

Slightly earlier than Senova’s other high yielding winter bean varieties, Bonneville has a 6 for earliness of maturity.

A seed size of 692g, protein content of 26.5% and standing ability of 8 gives it a good profile, points out Tom Yewbrey of Senova, who highlights this combination of characteristics as the basis of another strong performing variety.

“Bonneville is a great package,” he says. “It is similar to Vespa in terms of straw length at 115cm and for disease resistance but has a slightly higher protein content and larger seed size.”

Vespa remains at the top of latest Descriptive List for the third successive year, with a yield of 111, with Vincent just behind on 108.

“Winter beans had a good year in 2022 and are in demand for the role they have to play in reducing the need for nitrogen fertiliser and meeting sustainability targets,” says Mr Yewbrey.

“We are pleased to see Bonneville on the Descriptive List 2023, where it extends our winter bean offer.”


Glam, a new yellow pea variety, has been added to the PGRO Descriptive List with a yield of 108, making it another high performing choice from Senova.

It combines very good yields with a straw length of 88cm and a standing ability of 7, along with resistance to pea wilt and a 5 rating for downy mildew.

Later to mature than other Senova yellow peas, with a 3 for earliness of maturity, Glam has a seed weight of 248g and a protein content of 21.8%.

It joins the Senova variety Kameleon, which remains at the top of the list with a yield of 114, as well as Rivoli which has the best downy mildew score of the yellow peas on the list of 8


Kiravi, a new green pea, is the other addition to the Descriptive List 2023, joining with a yield of 105.

Slightly later to mature than existing Senova green peas, Kactus and Karioka, Kiravi is similar agronomically with a 7 for standing ability, resistance to pea wilt and a 6 for downy mildew.

It has a seed size of 278g and a protein content of 21.7%.

“Both of our new combining peas extend grower choice and bring good variety characteristics to the market, at a time when the interest in home-grown pulses is at an all-time high,” ends Mr Yewbrey.

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