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UPL is giving away 20 ha of its biostimulant ARY-AMIN to 50 farmers this spring. This is an ideal opportunity for milling wheat growers to trial an alternative method for increasing grain protein, says Gemma Nokes, head of marketing for UPL in the UK and Ireland.

Frequent reports of milling wheat contracts offered for harvest 2024 over £50/t will focus farmers’ attention on hitting contract specifications. However, low soil mineral nitrogen (SMN) levels following the excess winter rainfall have exacerbated the annual challenge of achieving 13% grain protein.

“This season, whether a grower achieves their milling contract specifications could alter their crop’s profitability by over £500 /ha,” says Gemma Nokes. “It could be the difference between a superb performance in a challenging year or an average one.

“Farmers are increasingly questioning the sustainability and profitability of reaching 13% protein using additional nitrogen applications alone. This is where products like ARY-AMIN can help offer an alternative solution.”

Gemma explains that ARY-AMIN is a mixture of amino acids, nitrogen, and magnesium. It is specifically formulated for use from stem elongation to grain fill and is compatible with all of the major T3 fungicide options.

“By providing the plant with ready-built amino acids, it can better use its resources, improve energy usage, build protein more quickly, and overcome stress,” adds Gemma.

UPL will support growers taking part in the trial with grain protein analysis to measure the impact of ARY-AMIN on protein levels.

To apply for 20 ha of ARY-AMIN, farmers should visit The closing date for applications is Tuesday, May 27th.

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