Tricet UK – a proven bio-nutrient portfolio for sustainable agriculture

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Looking for proven and tested bio-nutrients? Then look no further than Tricet UK products. Backed by 150 years of agricultural experience and over 50 years of bio-nutrition experience by its 3 founder members, Tricet UK was founded in 2002 and its products are fully backed by a wide range of practical trials conducted by independent organisations such as the PGRO, NIAB, ADAS, AHDB Monitor farms, Reading University, Cranfield University, Limagrain, and Askham Bryam college. The company also has an impressive line of development products in the pipeline.

The Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMS) focus upon sustainable agriculture which is exactly what Tricet UK does too. How ELMS will unfold is still not known, but we do know the soil is going to be No.1 priority. Tricet UK has been focused on Soil Improvement for almost twenty years.

Looking at one of its bio-nutrient products, TFP Pro-Soil is applied to the soil to improve the soil environment; aiding germination and establishment, resulting in stronger roots and increases in early biomass. This gives the plant a vigorous start and more resilience to stress. TFP Pro-Soil also accelerates mineralisation of plant residues, providing nutrition for the following crop.

In 2016, Jim Scrimshaw of the PGRO tested TFP Pro-Soil in spring beans and his trials demonstrated that it increased nodulation by 5%, increased the number of pods by 8.3% and subsequently yields by 8.7%. In 2017 in maize trials at AHDB monitor farm, Manor Farm, Kelham Newark, TFP Pro-Soil treated strips produced 14.5% more root development, 16% more biomass and a 9% yield increase. Spring barley Propino trials also at Manor Farm show TFP Pro-Soil treated strips increased yield by 12%. On Stody estate in Norfolk trials in oilseed rape resulted in an increase of 15.6% of roots, 32% of top and an increase of 29% total plant weight.

In 2019 TFP Pro-Soil treated plots in fully replicated trials at Alan Bartlett’s in Norfolk on carrots gave a yield increase of 1.88 tonnes per ha and increased the marketable fraction.

TFP Pro-Soil can be used in all soils to improve its structure and increase worm populations. Its use improves water and nutrient uptake and encourages root growth. This is just one of the company’s range of products, all of which promote biological activity either in the soil or in the plants, leading to quicker crop emergence, greater root biomass and increased yields in wheat, barley, root crops, brassicas, legumes, soft and top fruit. In every trial in every crop, TFP Pro-Soil delivered greater root development and increased early biomass.

The wealth of knowledge and in-field experience of the Tricet team allows invaluable support to be given to users, with the aim of producing sustainable and profitable farming. John Scott of Tricet UK says “it is time to invest in our soils to bring them back to the living breathing eco-systems that they should be. When this has been achieved, we will be more able to manage the challenges that we face, to produce more food with less fertiliser and less chemical inputs working with environmentally friendly systems and moving towards “net zero”.”

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