Undersowing maize webinar to help growers get started

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For those who want to learn more about the potential rewards of undersowing maize with cover and catch crops, an online webinar is being run Severn Trent on Wednesday, 7th February.

Independent farm business consultant, John Morgan, who supports the UK’s Maize Growers Association with technical expertise, will be sharing a step-by-step guide for arable, livestock and biogas producers on getting started with undersowing maize.

He will also share insights into how maize undersowing trials at Severn Trent Green Power’s biogas production site, Stoke Bardolph, achieved 50t/ha yields, while the undersown ryegrass played an important role in improving soil health and structure for the benefit of the environment and water quality.

Una Maycock, Severn Trent senior agricultural adviser, will join him to outline match funding options available to help maize growers in priority catchment areas invest in undersowing projects. She says: “Our Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS) provides match funding for numerous undersowing and cover crop options as priority items in groundwater catchment areas.”

Mrs Maycock suggests it is an opportunity for growers to learn how they can get started with undersowing and its benefits. “Undersowing maize helps create a stronger soil structure, minimising erosion at harvest. This helps prevent run-off and nitrate leaching, protecting local watercourses, as well as improving nutrient management for the next crop.”

To join the webinar, please register online here: https://rb.gy/ys1okp

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