UPL invites potato growers to try an in-store sprout control product for free

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UPL is giving 20 potato growers enough of their new potato sprout suppressant, Argos (orange oil), to treat 200 tonnes of potatoes in-store. Growers can enter by applying on the UPL website by the 31st of January.

Storage experts, application contractors and growers have been piecing together the best storage control programme since the revocation of CIPC (chlorpropham). The sprout control challenge is an opportunity to see how Argos fits in the programme if it is not already being used.

Argos is a natural product containing pure food-grade orange oil. It provides a physical mode of action on contact, drying and disrupting the soft tissues on which it is applied. Even sprouts that the naked eye cannot see are removed.

Like other sprout suppressants, Argos is applied using a fogging machine operated by specialist contractors. “The fog that is produced tends to be lighter and drier than mint oil alternatives, which means coverage across the store can be better,” explains Geoff Hailstone, UPL’s potato technical expert. “As well as supplying Argos to the winner, we will provide application and overall potato storage advice.

“Argos has proven itself to be a very effective and flexible product. Once the crop has been treated, there is no withholding period, meaning potatoes can be moved out of the store 48 hours after treatment. The fact that Argos is derived from a natural source is also an excellent sustainability story for the food chain.”

Potato growers can apply by visiting the UPL website or through the link: Join the Argos Sprout Control Challenge.

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