Cereals Crop Plots – An interview with LSPB’s Chris Guest

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With just a few weeks to go until Cereals, we attended the Crop Plot preview day and, alongside our sister publication Farm Contractor & Large Scale Farmer, interviewed the companies exhibiting their new varieties.

LSPB are exhibiting at Cereals for the first time, displaying its spring bean portfolio including Vertigo, Fanfare and Lynx.

Managing director Chris Guest added: “We also have a candidate variety but this is still under code.”

The company will also be showing its winter bean, spring pea and spring wheat varieties, as well as two winter oilseed rape varieties; Respect and Flemming.

20 years of research

“We have commercially launched these after 20 years of research and testing to develop varieties containing the new gene RlmS, which offers a new source of resistance for protection against phoma. Flemming also features turnip yellows virus (TuYV) resistance,” said Mr Guest.

The Cereals Event will be held near Duxford, Cambridgeshire on 8-9 June 2022. For more information or to purchase tickets visit the relaunched website at www.cerealsevent.co.uk.

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