DSV showcase new phomablocker oilseed rapes at Cereals 2023

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Visitors to the DSV stand at Cereals 2023 can see the first two varieties for UK growers featuring the company’s new PhomaBlocker trait which combines two complex phoma resistance mechanisms.

Sarah Hawthorne from DSV said both WRH 637 (Cognac) and WRH 651 (Ludwig), currently in National List trials, feature LepR1 phoma resistance added to RLM7 to offer the best phoma protection for UK growers to date.

“This is combined with extremely high yields and an impressive agronomic package including turnip yellows virus (TuYV) protection, verticillium wilt tolerance and strong light leaf spot (LLS) resistance scores. Uniquely, DSV now has varieties with all three phoma resistance mechanisms – RLM7, RMLS and now LepR1 – which can be rotated in the field to minimise major breakdowns of any one type of resistance.

“The ability to do this means we have moved phoma resistance in oilseed rape several stages further on.”

DSV Dolphin is another new high yielding OSR lining up with the company’s existing high performance portfolio of DSV Dart, Duke and Duplo, she said: “Currently in 2023/24 candidate list trials, DSV Dolphin has a gross output of 105% of controls, a seed yield of 103% and very high oil content of 46.7%. It performs particularly well in the east and west regions.

“It’s another variety with standout disease resistance offering protection against TuYV, plus RLM7+ and multi‐gene resistance to stem canker and shows rapid early development, featuring some of the largest seed pods bred by DSV.

“DSV Dolphin also has HarvestMax seed retention technology plus strong tolerance to verticillium wilt together with some of the best protection to sclerotinia in DSV’s portfolio. We’ve also got the UK’s most popular Clearfield oilseed rape variety DSV Matrix CL growing alongside our new Clearfield contenders DSV Beatrix CL and Miraculix CL.”

She explained that DSV Champion and Oxford are the main feature wheats on the stand: “DSV Champion produced an incredible 17.95t/ha to take the Guinness world record for wheat yield last year whilst new Group 4 DSV Oxford is a great all-rounder with excellent scores for yellow rust resistance, high untreated yields, excellent standing power and OWBM resistance.”

The DSV stand is no. 412.

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