Returning conference to provide answers to food and environmental security debate

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The National Farm Management Conference is returning this November to tackle the big questions which come with balancing the requirement for food security with environmental needs.

The Institute of Agricultural Management (IAgrM) chairman, Carl Atkin, states that this year’s conference, titled ‘Agriculture’s defining decade: Balancing food and environmental security’, will address the ‘thornier’ issues which come with efficiently producing food while safeguarding the environment.

“The war in the Black Sea region has stoked a resurgence in focus on food security issues, which were already creeping back to the forefront due to disruptions caused by Brexit and Covid-19,” he says.

“At the same time, farming is undoubtedly going to play a key role in reaching net zero emissions, as 72% of UK land is farmed, providing vast opportunity to sequester carbon in agricultural soils alongside other ‘environmentally friendly’ activities.”

Keynote speakers

National Farmers Union president, Minette Batters, will give the opening address. Other keynote speakers include Professor Tim Lang, from the Centre for Food Policy, chair of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Deben, and Sophie Throup, head of agriculture, fisheries and sustainable sourcing at Morrisons.

Carl Atkin, IAgrM chair

“The line-up of sessions will leave no stone unturned when it comes to tackling the difficult questions which arise when debating food and environmental security,” promises Mr Atkin.

“We’ll explore who owns natural capital and how it should be monetised, how we can undo the plateauing of agricultural productivity growth and the role vertical farming, alternative proteins and cultured food could play in strengthening food security.”

The conference welcomes both members and non-members of IAgrM, organisers of the event. For the first time this year, 50 free of charge places are available to students.

“Inspiring the next generation of farming leaders is crucial which is why we’ve taken the decision to enable more agricultural students to attend the conference this year,” says Mr Atkin.

To book your tickets, visit the National Farm Management conference website:

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