Norfolk Miscanthus farm walk discusses soil health benefits and new planting finance

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New Miscanthus growers in Norfolk and surrounding counties can not only supply a local market – Snetterton power station, in an industry first, they have the opportunity to benefit from a finance package to cover virtually all upfront costs for crop establishment, with 10–15-year index-linked annual returns.

Farmers wanting to learn more are invited to attend a free Miscanthus farm walk, in Attleborough, Norfolk, hosted by kind permission of grower, Andrew Thornton, and run by Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta .

Andrew first planted 23 hectares of Terravesta AthenaTM Miscanthus in 2019, to help to make the farm more financially and environmentally sustainable.

Long term investment

Andrew explains that Miscanthus is a long-term investment. “It has a high initial outlay, but the cost of growing Miscanthus is a lot less than other crops, it’s low risk and requires minimal inputs after establishment, it’s also much more resilient to weather than traditional crops.

“Planting and establishment was straightforward, the crop is looking fantastic, it will give us a long term guaranteed income and it will capture carbon.

“It’s our hope that in future there may be more opportunities in carbon trading. In farming, we are aiming for Net Zero, but we may also be offsetting emissions from other sectors who want to improve their green image,” says Andrew.

“The decision to plant Miscanthus is about future-proofing the farm business, and it’s a crop which is profitable regardless of subsidy.”

“Food should be grown in areas of the country which have the potential to produce efficiently in comparison to growing on marginal land like my own, and areas of conservation should complement this,” adds Andrew.

About the Miscanthus farm walk:

Grower host: Andrew Thornton

Date and time: Thursday 3rd February, 9:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Attleborough, Norfolk

Cost: F.O.C

Catering: Complimentary teas, coffees and biscuits



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