1 in every 100 people could have coeliac disease

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Coeliac UK is the national charity for people with coeliac disease and it is a running an Awareness Week from 11-17 May. As part of the week a new campaign to raise awareness of coeliac disease and its symptoms is being launched. The aim is to help find the half a million people in the UK living with undiagnosed coeliac disease without realising it. Also during the Awareness Week, members and supporters aim to raise funds to help the charity fund further research into the disease.

“The food industry can play an important role in supporting people who suffer from coeliac disease” commented Ian Bagnall of debbie&andrew’s. “Not only is the availability of clear allergen information helpful, but it is also vital to provide gluten free alternatives for every day foods such as sausages. We are delighted to further underline our long standing commitment to support Coeliac UK and its Members, and others requiring a gluten-free diet. debbie&andrew’s aim is to assist the charity to raise awareness of coeliac disease and its symptoms to as many people as possible and also to help maximise fund raising for the charity by dedicating the brand’s micro sponsorships to the cause throughout the month of May.”

Issues relating to coeliac disease and gluten-free diets are getting more attention, but awareness is still poor regarding the symptoms and how they affect people differently before diagnosis. Problems most frequently arise when people link their symptoms to other conditions and try and manage the situation themselves without seeking help from their doctor. Understanding the disease and having a clear diagnosis empowers people and enables them to address symptoms more accurately and successfully. The aim of the Awareness Week is to highlight the benefits and advantages of achieving a clear diagnosis, both with sufferers and health care professionals. The Charity has launched an Awareness Week Information Pack (link) to help inform pharmacies, healthcare professionals as well as individuals about the importance of diagnosis. In addition, fund raising events are being held including holding a stall, hosting a quiz night for family and friends, taking part in Awareness Week Walks and holding ‘Come Dine With Me’ gluten free suppers and lunches.
Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week Activity: isitcoeliacdisease.org.uk

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