KWS Siskin status changed to nabim Group 2

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The winter wheat variety KWS Siskin’s status has been changed from group 4 to Group 2 after a review of data by the nabim Varieties Working Group.

Following the original decision in November 2015, a careful review of extensive milling and baking test data for KWS Siskin was undertaken by nabim. Crucially, the review included performance data from a range of new trial sites.

As a result of the review, it was concluded on 13 January 2016 that the original decision did not reflect all growing situations.

Martin Savage, nabim Trade Policy Manager, said: “Based on the evidence we had in November, KWS Siskin was judged to have the characteristics of a nabim Group 4 variety.

“An appeal was received from KWS, the plant breeder, stating that the original nabim decision had placed undue weight on one data set.

“Additional data was then considered which helped to show that KWS Siskin’s bread-making performance variability was within the acceptable range for a Group 2 variety.

“This is the first appeal against a decision made by the nabim Varieties Working Group and we are delighted at the positive outcome as it shows the value of appeal.”

The first online edition of the Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds 2016/17 (RL) was launched on 30 November 2015.

Based on the latest variety trial information, the online Lists represent the most accurate source of information on yield and quality performance, agronomic features and market options to assist growers with variety selection. The final RL booklet is published in late winter, typically February.

Dr Simon Oxley, who heads the Recommended Lists project, said: “The period between the publication of the online Lists and the final RL publication provides opportunities to refine recommendations.

“Because of the commercial importance of the RL, it is not unusual for plant breeders to appeal decisions.

“Each appeal is considered seriously and evidence reviewed thoroughly. As this decision related to the milling performance of KWS Siskin, the appeal was considered by the nabim Varieties Working Group.

“We fully support the decision made by nabim to alter KWS Siskin’s group status from group 4 to Group 2 and have updated our online tables to reflect this decision.”

KWS Siskin joins two other nabim Group 2 varieties – KWS Lili and Cordiale – on the 2016/17 RL strengthening options for growers looking for varieties with bread-making potential.

KWS managing director Andrew Newby welcomed the decision saying he had always been confident in the variety’s suitability as a bread-making wheat.

“The decision to downgrade KWS Siskin to a group 4 came as a surprise and after consulting our technical team, led by Mark Dodds and Kirsty Richards, we felt there was justification for an appeal.

“That we have been successful owes a great deal to the quality of the data presented by the technical team.

“nabim are also to be applauded for the way in which it managed the appeal. This is the first appeal of its kind and there was no precedent for how it should be handled.”

About KWS Siskin

KWS Siskin achieves a high yield, high Hagberg Falling Number and has good straw strength.

It also has a good disease resistance package, reflected in its untreated yield which the highest on the RL.

It has the highest rating for resistance to septoria tritici (7) on the List, alongside good resistance to rusts and mildew.

nabim has commented that over the three years of testing, this variety showed a degree of variability in its baking performance and may be more suited to use in blends. Some yellowness may be seen in the flour colour.

The variety is also classified as a ukp wheat, indicating it is a milling wheat suitable for export.

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