Liberator available for spring wheat control

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This spring, arable farmers have the option to use Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) in spring drilled wheat for the first time. The pre-emergence herbicide is the mainstay of grass weed control in winter wheat and winter barley and now has full label approval for application in spring wheat crops.

Bayer welcomes the new approval for Liberator and is delighted to be able to offer farmers weed control solutions in a wider range of crops. “Grass-weed challenges, particularly black-grass, have increased interest in spring crops over recent years which we have responded to,” says Bayer Herbicides Campaign Manager Ben Coombs. “Liberator is a proven performer in winter cereals so farmers will be pleased to have it available for spring wheat.”

The label permits one application of 0.3 L/Ha before the crop reaches growth stage GS14 for annual meadow-grass control. Farmers who have Liberator left in the shed from autumn will be able to use it on spring wheat provided they print a copy of the new label which is available on the Bayer website.

“When using Liberator in spring wheat, growers should consider the same things they would do in the autumn, such as soil moisture and the levels of clods and trash on the soil surface. For Meadow-grass control the most important consideration is timing – although the label has approval to use before GS14 of the crop, if possible, use it at the true pre-emergence timing of the crop nad weed for best results,” explains Mr Coombs.

The new registration does not affect applications to spring barley which may still be made under an EAMU but does not feature on the label.

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