New hybrid barleys on candidate list show how Hyvido family is growing

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The addition of two new high-yielding Hyvido hybrids onto the latest HGCA list of winter barley candidate varieties for 2015 marks a welcome return for Hyvido into the HGCA Recommended List process, says Syngenta.

The new winter feed barley hybrids are Hyvido Bazooka and Hyvido Belfry.

“Having new Hyvido hybrids in the HGCA system once again shows how we are further expanding our range for this crop, which has grown massively in popularity over recent years,” explains Mark Britton, barley campaign manager for Syngenta.

“Within the Hyvido barley range currently available, we have seen already how hybrid technology can substantially out-yield conventional barley, as well as offering other benefits – such as an ability to thrive across a range of growing conditions and to compete strongly against black-grass, due to its hybrid vigour.

“By having new Hyvido hybrids coming through the testing system with even higher yield potential, it offers existing growers more choice and could also make hybrid barley more attractive to those who have not yet made the change from growing conventional barley,” Mr Britton adds.

Syngenta has re-entered Hyvido hybrids in the Recommended List process following changes to testing procedures, which it says are now more representative of farm practice.

Syngenta has also welcomed a change of having a single yield target for all winter feed barley varieties to get onto the HGCA Recommended List, rather than a different target for hybrids and conventionals, Mr Britton adds.

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