Record load relieves market pressure

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The most northerly UK wheat export cargo ever left Fraserburgh this month. Loaded by Frontier in a single day, Verity set sail on 17th April with 3,300 tonnes of feed wheat destined for Ireland.

The load was possible due to an unusual surplus of wheat for the Scottish market. While wheat export cargoes have occasionally left Scottish ports on the east coast in the past, Verity sets an all time record for the most northerly load port. This follows two seasons of reduced domestic production and a deficit in wheat which necessitated feed wheat imports.

Frontier trader Nick Baxter says, “Wheat production in Scotland was extraordinarily high last year; thanks to better growing conditions, it was the biggest crop since 1992. This export cargo to Ireland removes some of the surplus which will relieve pressure on the market and help to support prices for our farmers as we move into the next crop year.”

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