Defra direction on sugar negotiations delights NFU

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NFU Sugar is delighted with the government’s direction that negotiations with British Sugar to set a price for sugar beet this year should resume.

The NFU considers the government has been explicit. A Defra spokesperson said. “There is a well-established process in place to agree the sugar beet price; designed to be independent between both parties, with Government only acting as final arbitrator at the end of the process should no agreement be reached. It is very important that all parties involved now continue to follow that process and reach a mutually acceptable outcome.”

NFU Sugar confirmed it is ready to resume the negotiation process that British Sugar bypassed last week. But that price-setting process cannot function effectively whilst British Sugar is, at the same time, making unilateral offers to beet growers outside of it.

The NFU expects British Sugar to adhere to the government’s direction and return to the negotiating table in good faith.

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