EU conditions looking promising for harvest 2017

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EU winter crops are still in good condition, according to EU Commission’s Crop Monitoring Report. The report states that favourable weather conditions, such as temperatures being above the long-term average and frequent rainfall in February and March, have meant there are no major concerns for the majority of countries across the EU. Furthermore, according to the report, all winter crops are in good conditions with pest and disease pressure reduced due to the cold spell in January.

The Commission’s report also gives a first look towards 2017 harvest yields. However, these forecasts are based on long-term trends and so should be treated with a little caution. EU soft wheat yields are expected to recover by 8% year on year, at 6.02t/ha. The EU Commission has also forecast French soft wheat yields at 7.27t/ha (up 35% year on year), with the UK soft wheat yield at 8.16t/ha (3% higher than in 2016).

The recovery of French yields is important and so remains a key watch point in the coming months, especially as more information comes to light around potential yields. As our nearest neighbour and the largest wheat exporter in the EU, what happens in France will have a direct impact on the UK market.

Article supplied by Isobel Robinson, Analyst – Cereals & Oilseeds, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board

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