Farmflo launch Crop SRM new “Unlimited” use Crop Trading platform

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Farmflo, an award-winning digital solution provider for the agri-business sector, has evolved and launched Crop SRM , (Supplier Relationship Management) a new Crop trading ‘software as a service’ platform that helps agri organisations looking to improve efficiency, profitability and traceability. Following significant investment, Crop SRM has worked closely with important Crop businesses such as Bairds Malt and Scotgrain Agriculture in co-creating and proving new features that securely digitise the slow and challenging manual processes of crop trading and assembly and frees people up to focus where they add higher value.

“As we enter the fourth season working with Crop SRM , the jewels in the crown are the real time reports that are embedded in the platform. Crop SRM listened to our requirements and delivered best in class reporting suite that’s live and up the minute, every minute” Eddie Douglas, commercial director, Bairds Malt.

Profitability and traceability

Crop SRM ’s core benefits support core industry challenges of efficiency, profitability and crop traceability for crop trading organisations and is offering customers unlimited crop tonnages with unlimited users, making Crop SRM very cost effective and ideally suitable for organisations of any size. Crop SRM enables efficient supplier relationship management from contract to intake through instant digital communications, ‘always on’ supplier portal and real-time business intelligence reporting. The time and effort in traditional manual processes is time consuming and open to inaccuracies and delays at peak activity times. Not only does Crop SRM drive efficiency with faster and better communication and reports, the commercial results for traders and suppliers are enhanced through strategic contracting, pricing risk management and better informed and timely decision making. Crop SRM ’s comprehensive real time business intelligence reports delivers against the increasing need for timely insights and better traceability of Crops for customers.

“It’s really a great tool that’s easy to use, does a fantastic job, and works very well. With Crop SRM, we have significantly improved the speed and accuracy of information flow between farmers, farm traders, transport planners, administrators, haulers, weighbridge operators, laboratory staff, and management.” Owen Southwood, general manager, Scotgrain Agriculture

The powerhouse behind Crop SRM is Farmflo CEO Dan O’Donoghue. Mr O’Donoghue has decades of relevant experience with Diageo, Dairygold and Farmflo. He brings a strong emphasis on secure digitisation of business processes for operational and profitability improvements and sees significant growth opportunity globally with Crop SRM considering Crop trading organisations focus on improved efficiency and commercial performance in these times.

Investment in UK market

This launch sees significant investment in developing the UK market as a launch pad following the success of existing customers with plans to expand into Europe and beyond during 2022.

Farmflo launch Crop SRM new “Unlimited” use Crop Trading platform

Dan O’Donaghue

“Crop SRM is a secure, easy and reliable way to transform your Crop trading from the traditional paper and manually based processes to an accessible 24 / 7 platform serving all those in your supply chain. Considering the slow manual processes we see in crop businesses and the increase stress and strain on people as a result, we can already see how Crop SRM is radically improving the organisational stress situation and saving money for our customers and their suppliers. It’s like an off the shelf, ‘Continuous Improvement’ project.

Mr O’Donoghue  continued, “Crop SRM is a no brainer for Crop trading organisatons. The platform addresses some of the key pain points our customers identified by guaranteeing operational efficiencies and speed of communications with the added benefit of real time business intelligence reporting that informs time sensitive, strategic and tactical decision making”

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