Five new varieties in Syngenta Cereals 2024 crop plots

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Five new cereal varieties will be showcased among the crop plots on the Syngenta stand at this year’s Cereals Event – two new hybrid winter barleys and three new winter wheats.

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the introduction of Syngenta’s first hybrid barley in the UK, says Syngenta hybrid barley portfolio manager, Mark Shaw, and Cereals will see the unveiling of an important new hybrid trait.

“Modern Hyvido hybrids continue the heritage that started with our first hybrid – including high and stable yields and strong grass weed suppression,” says Mr Shaw. “However, experience gained during those 21 years is allowing us to take the latest Hyvido hybrids to the next level.

“Last year we launched SY Buzzard, our first Hyvido hybrid with barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) tolerance. Now, our first new introduction unveiled on this year’s Cereals stand will be SY Kestrel – our first Hyvido hybrid with BYDV resistance.

“Meanwhile, a second new Hyvido hybrid on the stand, SY Quantock, combines high yield with high specific weight. Both SY Kestrel and SY Quantock are currently on the AHDB winter barley Candidate List. Both show good Rhynchosporium resistance and early maturity.”

Other Hyvido hybrid barley varieties on the stand, says Mr Shaw, include SY Nephin, which was launched last year, and the popular high-yielding hybrid, SY Kingsbarn.

New winter wheat varieties

Also showcased on the Syngenta Cereals 2024 stand will be three new winter wheat varieties.

These include the new potential UKFM group 1 breadmaking variety, SY Cheer, which was added new to the AHDB Recommended List for 2024/25, says Syngenta seeds portfolio marketing manager, Kathryn Hamlen.

“SY Cheer will be undergoing further milling quality tests from harvest 2024,” says Mrs Hamlen. “We have already seen that it has high quality potential, in terms of specific weight, protein and Hagberg, while its combination of yield and disease resistance, including balanced resistance to both yellow and brown rust, makes SY Cheer agronomically very attractive. It has also delivered consistent yield performance across different seasons.

“Also on the stand are the new high yielding, potential hard feed winter wheat varieties, SY Monza and Roma. Currently on the AHDB winter wheat Candidate List, these follow in the footsteps of the popular hard feed wheats, SY Insitor, Gleam and Graham, which will also be on the stand.”

Spring varieties

Also being showcased on the Syngenta stand are three winter and three spring barley varieties.

These include spring malting barley SY Tennyson, which is undergoing Malting Barley Committee approval for brewing and malt distilling, says Kathryn Hamlen, and, SY  Vessel a Non-GN winter malting barley recently added to the MBC Special quality category as Provisional for malt distilling.

There will also be sustainability mixes, and the stand is part of the BASIS and NRoSo points trail.

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