New maize herbicide gives flexible early weed clean option

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A new maize herbicide, available for this season, will add extra flexibility in removing damaging competition to emerging crops through the crucial early days of establishment.

Camix is an exciting combination of well proven pre- and post-emergence herbicide technology, which can be safely applied as the crop is establishing – to remove early competition and give long-lasting residual activity against a broad spectrum of weeds in maize.

Syngenta Maize Field Technical Manager, Steve Bull, highlighted that growers can aim for treatment timing so that the crop emerges into a clean, weed free seedbed. “However, if application is delayed by weather or logistics, or if some or all the crop emerges faster than anticipated, Camix can still be used to knock-out existing weeds, and give outstanding residual control as the maize crop establishes.”

He believes the options will be especially popular with maize contractors, where busy workloads across a wide area can make herbicide application scheduling more difficult.

Steve pointed out that trials have shown stress from weed competition through early stages of maize establishment will quickly limit development and can result a maize plant canopy structure that will seriously reduce growth throughout the season – with severe effects on overall yields of leaf and cob.

Camix contains a specific co-formulation of s-metolachlor and mesotrione, selected to optimise the twin-action of the two components to target weeds’ roots, shoots and leaves.

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