New SDHI fungicide from BASF offers excellent control of apple scab and powdery mildew

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Apple and pear growers will have access to a new scab and mildew fungicide this coming season, Sercadis which is based on the active fluxapyroxad.

Sercadis from BASF contains 300g/litre of the highly active SDHI, fluxapyroxad The dose rate is 0.25 to 0.3 litres/ha, depending on disease pressure. Sercadis can be used on all apple and pear varieties. It should be used preventatively, starting at the beginning of bud burst prior to disease development and repeated at 7-10 day intervals, depending on disease pressure and seasonal weather conditions. Use a maximum of three applications of Sercadis per year. A minimum of 35 days must elapse between the last spray and harvest.

Simon Townsend, BASF agronomy manager for fruit and vegetables, said Sercadis gives excellent control of scab and mildew in apples ad pears and has a high intrinsic activity compared to other SDHI fungicides. “ In cereals where SDHIs have been used for a number of years fluxapyroxad has always taken the top slot. So fruit agronomists can have full confidence in his or her recommendations.“ he says.

Scab is one of the most prolific and most common diseases of apples, particularly Cox, followed by powdery mildew.  “The use of Sercadis results in no russetting or bronzing effects. An even more effective scab fungicide will be welcomed by growers. It also provides additional physiological effects on top fruit and has flexible recommendations. We think it is a step forward in the fight against diseases.”

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