New strawberry fungicide is Luna Sensation

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A new fungicide from Bayer has been authorised for use on protected strawberries.

Named Luna Sensation it is a co-formulation of their new active substance fluopyram with trifloxystrobin for control of a wide range of foliar diseases and fruit rots. Bayer UK product manager for horticulture, Claire Matthewman says; “Luna Sensation sets new standards for the management of powdery mildew and Botrytis on strawberries.”

The product label also lists several qualified minor uses on strawberries; control of Gnomonia fruit rot, leaf blotch and petiole blight (Gnomonia spp.) plus reductions in post-harvest soft rots caused by Rhizopus and/or Mucor spp. and blue mould caused by Penicillium expansum.

The authorisation is for use on protected strawberries and specifies a maximum individual dose of 0.8 L/ha; a maximum of two treatments per year; latest time of application one day before harvest; and a 14 metres aquatic buffer zone.

Mrs Matthewman adds that the product will be commercially available to UK strawberry growers from the beginning of the 2017 season and that full information about the product and its use will be released well in advance.

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