New strawberry fungicide launched

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Bayer has launched a new fungicide, Luna Sensation, for protected strawberries.

Introducing the product to soft fruit agronomists at NIAB EMR, Bayer’s Tim Lacey said it would set the new standard for powdery mildew and Botrytis management. He went on to describe its novel chemistry: “Luna Sensation is a co-formulation of new generation SDHI active fluopyram and strobilurin fungicide trifloxystrobin. It’s a very flexible product for integrated disease control programmes, has built-in resistance management and just a one day PHI (pre-harvest interval)”.

He emphasised that fluopyram is a unique second generation SDHI, from a completely different chemical group to both the other new SDHIs and the first generation compounds such as boscalid. “Fluopyram is a hundred times more flexible giving it a much better fit to the fungus’ target site and different characteristics including efficacy & resistance.”

SCEPTRE project strawberry trials at NIAB EMR in 2012-14 evaluated products for control of fruit rots and powdery mildew in strawberry. Dr Angela Berrie summed up her experience: “These SCEPTRE trials showed Luna Sensation gave excellent control of Botrytis fruit rot and powdery mildew comparable to or better than the standard product. It also reduced the incidence of Mucor/Rhizopus rot.”

All this efficacy has added up to some impressive marketable yield lifts. Mr Lacey cited one trial done in 2011 at East Malling on Elsanta where four spray programmes began at first flower on 13th April and ended on 6th May. The programme beginning with Luna Sensation and alternating with Teldor (fenhexamid) delivered the best result: 21% more marketable fruit than untreated. He added that its activity against Botrytis and soft rots also extended shelf life.

For best control and yield benefit Bayer recommends application as part of a protectant programme in accordance with FRAC resistance management guidelines. For more information go to

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