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Cereals 2016 offered the rare opportunity to meet the lead scientists from Fera Science Ltd., and find out how the latest research and innovation are looking to shape future international cropping practices.

Showcasing a number of cutting edge projects and products, often teamed with international organisations, the event focus was on new technologies that could soon inform crop input management and rotational decisions at field level.

“UK agriculture is experiencing significant changes and it is vital that research responds to the issues faced by farmers to promote profitable crop production,” says Deborah Jones, Head of Business Development, Fera Science Ltd. “Visitors to the stand had the chance to challenge our scientists on the current thinking on disease and pest resistance in cereals, the latest in diagnostics and how drone and spore trap technology, for example, present enormous potential for the sector.”

She advocated the role of applying science and technology in helping agriculture to navigate the many factors influencing arable production, from practical, to policy and legislative issues that all threaten profitable and sustainable crop production.

“We’re engaged across the entire breadth of the food supply chain, working with organisations across the board on projects that deliver new solutions – whether that might be crop disease, soil health or through our activities relating to food safety and traceability. All play a role in future crop management decisions and we’re focused on targeting our work at Fera Science Ltd. on addressing the industry’s most pressing needs,” she adds.

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