New pulse herbicide options are on the horizon to replenish a diminishing list

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Despite ever-increasing calls for more homegrown protein to replace imported soya in the food chain, the area of pulses grown in the UK remains stubbornly static. Farmers frequently reference the limited options for controlling weeds in pulses as a reason for not planting the crop. However, hope could be on the way with crop protection manufacturer UPL applying for label extensions for two well-known herbicides for combinable pulses.

They have submitted dossiers to the authorities to apply clethodim and ethofumesate to field beans and peas. Both actives will be well known to sugar beet and oilseed rape growers, where they are mainstays of herbicide programmes.

“We hope to have both herbicides approved in pulse crops by the 2026 season,” announces Joanne Hawke, UPL trials manager for the UK. “Farmers can expect a similar performance from the actives to what they get in sugar beet and oilseed rape, and we haven’t seen any crop safety issues when the guidelines are followed.”


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