Oilseed Rape To Get Potassium Boost

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Autumn establishment is fundamental to a successful and healthy crop able to with stand the autumn stresses of disease and pest attack.

At this stage the crop is very dependant upon nutrients but one frequently overlooked is Potash, because deficiencies are not always visible or obvious.

Bob Greensmith of Solufeed the sole importers and distributors of K-Leaf points out that autumn sown oilseed rape does have a greater demand for Potash than other crops such as cereals and growers should not wait until deficiencies are evident and then having to take remedial action.

The benefits of foliar applications of potassium have been well acknowledged for oilseed rape. It makes the plant more robust by assisting cellulose production that strengthens cell walls and regulating the enzymes necessary to resist early stages of disease attack and reducing the risk of “Winter Kill”. Good winter survival will get the crop off to a good start the following spring.

Bob recommends a foliar application of K-Leaf at 6kg per Ha in 200 litres of water with the first application at the 2-4 true leaf-stage. Such an application will assist the uptake of other nutrients applied in the seedbed.

K-Leaf is a fine white powder with an analysis of 52% potassium as K2O and 46% sulphur as SO3   and easily dissolves in cold water.

Bob concludes, “Foliar applications will precisely match the needs of the crop in terms of amount and timing. What is more, K-leaf is formulated for modern sprayers and as it dissolves 3 times faster than similar products will not clog nozzles and at only £12 per Ha. will have little effect on variable costs”.

For more information contact: Solufeed on 01243 554090 or

e-mail: enquiries@solufeed.com

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