Openfield to export 25,000 tonnes of OSR to Turkey

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The single largest export of rapeseed for more than two decades is to leave the UK for Turkey next month after Openfield confirmed the sale.

The cargo of 25,000 tonnes will be loaded from Openfield’s deep water facility at Bristol’s Portbury dock in the coming weeks. The sale marks the second time Openfield has exported rapeseed to Turkey following the sale of 6,000 tonnes in January last year.

At the time, interest in GB-produced rapeseed was supported by a number of GM contamination issues with vessels out of the Black Sea. Since then, Turkey has imported rapeseed from a number of EU countries for similar reasons.

John Thorpe, Head of Oilseeds at Openfield, who dealt with the sale said: “Last year we were the first UK merchant to export to Turkey, this year is another first for us, shipping the largest ever UK cargo of oilseed rape to Turkey.”

“It is believed that 200,000 tonnes has already been shipped to Turkey from the EU, with expectations of another significant tonnage in February.”

“Due to the size of the vessel, some 10 times larger than the established coaster business, a significant freight saving has been achieved. This has supported ex-farm prices across the South West and enabled growers to achieve values that normally would only be available to those closer to the major crush plants at Erith, Liverpool and Hull.”

“Having the ability to load these larger ships enables the UK grower access to the global market and the opportunities this brings. It is hoped that these larger vessels will become a regular fixture in Openfield’s export programme,” he added.

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