The most effective way to approach weed control in OSR

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Are you growing OSR and having trouble controlling charlock, runch, hedge mustard and other problem weeds?

If so, perhaps you should consider CL hybrids which allow you to make the most of the revolutionary Clearfield® production system.

As well as benefits controlling a broad range of weeds, you can avoid the need for any herbicide until the crop is well established and the weed burden is clear. The Clearfield system also enables you to minimise any crop establishment risk from sulfonylurea residues after cereals.

Furthermore, the benefit of DEKALB’s yield-protecting traits and agronomic profiles mean that you can match your own particular field conditions without sacrificing output.

For further information visit or call the Monsanto Technical Helpline 01954 717575

This is why we have Clearfield OSR in this field. Spot the rape plants amongst the Charlock.

DEKALB Clearfield OSR – looking strong, September 2015

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