Openfield’s latest investment further increases seed quality

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Openfield, the farmer co-operative, has recently added a £250,000 investment to its state of the art seed production plant. Openfield’s new seed colour sorter removes all discoloured contaminants and produces the cleanest possible product. Grains are cleaned to remove contaminants such as ergot, foreign seeds, wild oats and other impurities. The new colour sorter uses high speed digital signal processing technology which allows Openfield to produce as much as 60 tonnes of seed every hour.

Lee Bennett, Head of Openfield’s seeds business said, “We pride ourselves in producing the very best quality seed and are continually investing and updating our plant to improve. Our new colour sorter is extremely impressive and is helping us to improve our product quality even further”.

Openfield has always promoted seed varieties that have an established market appeal. They have links with all the major plant breeders and their national grain marketing and storage expertise means they select seed varieties that add value and are most suited to farmers’ conditions and local markets.


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