AHDB wants potato sector levy payers to vote

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Following the results of the AHDB horticulture vote this week, a ballot is now running for levy payers to vote on the continuation of the potato levy.

The ballot opens today and will run until the 17th March.

AHDB are appealing to voters to favour a yes result, emphasising the recent work they have done to help the British potato sector.

Alison Levett, potato sector board chair, said in the AHDB podcast episode released today “AHDB’s role is to ensure the sustainability and development of the potato industry. Without the service we provide[….] it could lead to market failure”.

She added: “We are very aware of the frustrations that some levy payers feel, about things like costs and value for money and I’d just like to flag that AHDB under Nicholas Saphir’s Chairmanship, has committed to major reforms and a big change programme, and a yes vote will enable us to carry on doing just that”.

Some of the work by the AHDB potato sector board in recent years, includes:

  • Investing £0.5m a year in storage research
  • Influencing 12% more consumers to think potatoes are healthy
  • Educating over 5 million primary school children through our Grow Your Own Potatoes programme
  • Improving productivity, costs or profitability for 92% of attendees at events
  • Investing £0.3m a year on crop protection research

Alison Levett

With the industry facing uncertain trading conditions as we leave the European Union and due to the loss of available crop protection products, the ADHB stated that a result favouring yes will mean they “will continue to invest your levy where there is the strongest need for independent evidence, while keeping up the momentum on promotion as consumers return to potatoes as a staple food in times of recession”.

How to vote:

UK Engage, is the independent company that has been appointed to run the ballot to ensure due diligence has confirmed that levy payers can cast their vote by post or online.

Details on how to cast your vote are available here.

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