Nematicide granted emergency approval for PCN control

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NEMguard DE has been granted an emergency authorisation to allow applications to be made on potato crops at planting for the control of potato cyst and free living nematodes.

Peter McDonald, Head of Procurement agricultural inputs at Anglia Farmers, explains that acute product shortages this season have meant members have been calling for alternative nematicides as the planting season gets underway.

As a response to these industry concerns, Anglia Farmers in conjunction with Certis and Ecospray applied for an emergency approval for NEMguard which is already registered for use in carrots and parsnips. Regulator CRD responded promptly and has granted a 120-day emergency approval for the use of NEMguard DE on potatoes.

“PCN is the number one pest for potato growers, and has huge economic impact for the industry,” explains Mr McDonald. “The emergency authorisation comes at a time when potatoes are already being planted.

“NEMguard DE is a registered granular nematicide for use in carrots and parsnips, so some growers will already have experience with the product.” However he adds, “It’s important to note the application advice for use in potatoes is at a different dose rate to other root crops.”

As a naturally derived product with patented production technology, NEMguard DE (garlic extract) has no maximum residue levels (MRL), and only carries a 7 day harvest interval. “This makes it an ideal fit for short term, and speciality potato crops,” says Mr McDonald.

This 120-day emergency authorisation is for NEMguard DE to be applied to potato crops by granular application machinery at planting. The maximum dose rate is 60kg/ha with a single in-furrow application (not broadcast). Current trials suggest that the highest levels of efficacy have been seen on free-draining (sandy or mineral loam) soils.

The 120-day emergency authorisation will expire on the 11 August 2015.

Certis’ marketing and business development manager, Robert Lidstone says, “Following the request by Anglia Farmers in response to grower demand, we worked with our partner Ecospray to provide the necessary data to support their emergency application.

“This emergency approval provides an opportunity for growers to use an alternative method for PCN control this season. It will enable them to gain confidence with the product, while a full label extension is applied for,” adds Mr Lidstone. “It’s the next logical step for this product.”

Growers should obtain a copy of the notice of approval via the CRD website For more information please contact the Certis technical hotline on 0845 3730305.

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