Three Limagrain varieties top new maize descriptive list

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Three new forage maize varieties from Limagrain have been added to the 2023-24 BSPB/NIAB Descriptive List, with two very early maturing varieties sitting atop the new list of first choice varieties for favourable sites, and the third, a later maturing option, topping the list for very favourable sites.

Skipper and Foxtrot are ranked numbers one and two respectively as first choice varieties for starch yield on favourable sites, while LG31207 tops the chart for ME yield for varieties suited to very favourable sites.

“With an early FAO of 160, an ME yield of 221,175 MJ/ha and the highest starch yield (6.74 t/ha) on this year’s favourable site list, Skipper is ideal for farmers who want to fill their clamps with a very early maturing crop of exceptionally energy-rich and starch-filled maize,” explained Tim Richmond, Maize Manager for Limagrain in the UK and Ireland.

“Skipper also performs well on marginal sites, where its good early vigour (6.9), excellent standing power (7.6) and early ripening cobs deliver an easy to harvest crop that gives exceptional dry matter and energy yields.”

Foxtrot is also classified as a very early maturing variety (FAO 170) and is second only to Skipper in terms of starch yield (6.54 t/ha). Foxtrot also sits towards the top of the rankings for ME yield (222,363 MJ/ha) and DM yield (18.7 t/ha) and also shows good early vigour (7.2). “And with a Cell Wall Digestibility of 59.4%, Foxtrot is ideal for dairy and beef farmers who are looking for a bulky and very early maturing variety that will improve the feed conversion efficiency of their herd’s ration,” Mr Richmond added.

The third new Limagrain variety to be added to this year’s Descriptive List is LG31207: with an FAO of 210, this intermediate to late-maturing variety is one of the best options for very favourable sites.

“LG31207 is impressive on paper and in the field, and is the perfect choice for those growers looking to maximise their return on investment with a variety that poses minimal risk,” Mr Richmond said.

“LG31207 tops the Descriptive List for very favourable sites with an ME yield of 217,115 MJ/ha and dry matter yield of 18.7 t/ha ,” he continued. “And with excellent agronomic traits that include good standing power (8.0) , excellent early vigour (8.2) and an eyespot resistance rating of 7.5, LG31207 is a really safe choice for growers looking for an energy-rich, easy to grow variety for AD purposes.”

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