Two cereal varieties from RAGT gain full UK approval on AHDB’s 2023/24 Recommended List

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RGT Wilkinson, the new high-yielding biscuit wheat from RAGT Seeds, has gained full UK approval on AHDB’s 2023/24 Recommended List, reflecting its potential to improve on-farm performance in the Group 3 sector.

The variety has stood out in official and company trials, performing well across all soil types, particularly as a first wheat. It is best suited to the main and later drilling slots.

“RGT Wilkinson has performed very well in RL trials, outyielding key competitor varieties Brium and Astronomer,” says RAGT technical sales manager Dr Cathy Hooper.

“This advantage has fed through to all the regions; only in the north has Brium matched its performance.”

RGT Wilkinson has good resistance to mildew and yellow rust, and moderate resistance to brown rust and Septoria tritici. It also carries the Pch1 resistance gene to eyespot.

Growers can expect medium fast development in the autumn and spring, says Cathy. “The variety has a semi-erect growth habit and medium tillering. It has short, stiff straw and is relatively early to mature.”

Grain is good quality with relatively high Hagberg for the Group 3 sector of 264, and meets all the Group 3 criteria. It is suitable for export and is rated medium for distilling.

Dr Hooper says: “Growers looking for a strong Group 3 variety with non-Cougar Septoria resistance that offers flexible drilling dates, but still ripens earlier in our experience than some of the more recent additions to the sector, should certainly consider RGT Wilkinson when making plans for next autumn’s drilling campaign.”

RGT Wilkinson

  • Yield 101.3*
  • Hagberg FN 264
  • Specific weight 75.4
  • Uks – positive
  • Distilling [Y]
  • Mildew 8
  • Yellow rust 7
  • Brown rust 5
  • S tritici (3-year rating) 5.5
  • Eyespot 7
  • Fusarium 7

* RL trials

RGT Vaughan

RGT Vaughan is the first spring oat from RAGT to appear on the AHDB Recommended List after achieving full approval this autumn.

“This new variety features a powerful combination of high grain quality and good disease resistance,” says Dr Hooper.

“Its specific weight is one of the best on the 2023/24 list at 52.3kg/hl, which is the second highest on the AHDB’s five-year report.

“RGT Vaughan also features consistently low screenings, at 2.3% over a 2mm sieve, and a decent kernel content of 72.9%. weight.”

The variety also stands well thanks to its good straw strength that delivers an untreated lodging score of 7, and it is early ripening, providing extra insurance at harvest.

Growers will also like RGT Vaughan’s disease profile, which is the among the best compared with the competition, says Cathy.

“RGT Vaughan features the best combination of untreated yield, at 93%, and disease resistance among its comparators, including an 8 for mildew and 4.4 for crown rust.”

Grain quality, including screenings, hulling losses and specific weight have been deemed commercially acceptable in 2020 and 2021. “Along with its good agronomic characteristics and yield, this suggests a spring oat with a very bright future,” says Dr Hooper.

RGT Vaughan

  • Specific weight 52.3kg/hl
  • Screenings (>2mm) 2.3%
  • Kernel content 72.9%
  • Untreated yield 93%
  • Mildew 8
  • Crown rust 4.4
  • Good straw strength

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