Use Velum Prime to reduce fanging in carrots

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Carrot growers have a new means of protecting crops from soil-dwelling pests after Bayer’s liquid nematicide, Velum Prime (fluopyram) received approval for the control of free-living nematodes, the causal pest of fanging.

The authorisation allows for application by overall spray in February to June up to a maximum of 72-hours prior to drilling in 250-500 Litres of water per hectare.  It is essential that Velum Prime is thoroughly incorporated into the soil to a minimum depth of 10-20cm, prior to drilling. A conventional boom sprayer or a liquid applicator fitted to cultivation equipment can be used to apply the product.

The addition of free-living nematode control in carrots to the product label was announced by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) on 12 November 2020 and came at the same time application by overall spray was extended to potato crops.

The application rate of 0.625 L/ha for carrots is the same as that permitted in potatoes where Velum Prime is used to manage potato-cyst nematodes (Globodera spp.)

Trials performed by Bayer as part of the regulatory dossier submitted to CRD suggest Velum Prime’s efficacy and yield protection in carrots is comparable to Vydate (oxamyl) applied at the standard rate of 90g/100m row.

“Trials investigating the use of Velum Prime have been highly encouraging and we are seeing strong interest in it, especially among the multiple retailers for its favourable ecological-toxicity profile. There is similarly keen interest among growers too who have identified the time savings to be gained in the field at drilling and the financial benefits of not incurring penalties for the non-return of product containers,” said Jack Hill, Bayer roots and horticulture commercial manager.

The low dose rate compared with Vydate means that 5 litres of Velum Prime, the standard pack size, is enough to treat 8 ha of carrots whereas to treat the same area with Vydate would require 10 packs each weighing 15 kilos.

“Across 15 replicated trials Velum Prime delivered an increase in total yield of 7.1 t/ha with a marketable yield increase of 7.5% over the untreated. The yield protection and practical advantages represent a compelling proposition,” added Mr Hill.

Bayer will circulate more details on how application practices can be tailored to optimise product performance ahead of the 2021 season.

Those growers interested in understanding how to gain the most from Velum Prime in carrots this season are advised to contact their local commercial technical manager for further information.

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