Flexibility for the control of nematodes in allium species

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Growers of bulb onions, garlic, leeks and shallots now have the flexibility to use an alternative nematicide for the control of stem, bulb and root knot nematodes.

Peter Hingley, independent vegetable consultant, explains that an ‘Emergency Authorisation for Minor Use’ (EAMU) has been granted for the use of NEMguard DE (garlic extract) on these important crops.

“This is a big development for growers of outdoor bulb onions, garlic, leeks and shallots. CRD responded very quickly and favourably to the EAMU request for NEMguard DE to be used for this purpose, which indicates the increasing demand for alternative methods to help control such damaging crop pests,” says Mr Hingley.

“Growers of fresh vegetables are constantly looking for alternative ways of controlling crop pests and of maintaining crop yields. Therefore, a product such as NEMguard DE, offers several benefits for growers,” he adds.

NEMguard DE is a fully registered crop protection product, containing active ingredients formulated from garlic (allium sativum). Consequently, this provides growers with an alternative to conventional chemistry, for the control of nematodes commonly found in allium species.

“NEMguard DE has no EU maximum residue level (MRL) set, as it leaves no detectable residues on crops, which is ideal for the fresh vegetable market. In addition, NEMguard DE can be used in organic crops, an option which up to now hasn’t been available for such growers.

“As it is based on a natural active ingredient, and residues arising from its use are indistinguishable from natural background levels or other sources, it fits in well with the new Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) legislation.”

The EAMU authorises the use of NEMguard DE on outdoor crops bulb onions, garlic, leeks and shallots, with a maximum individual dose of 20kg/ha, with one treatment per crop. The latest time for application is at seed drilling or planting of sets. NEMguard DE is easily applied using conventional granular application equipment.

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