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Maya – the gentle but effective suspension concentrate formulation of bromoxynil – has a label recommendation for use in drilled bulb onions to add to its EAMUs for use in bulb onion sets, Leeks, salad onions and shallot set, covering virtually all allium crops.

“Onions are a crop that has seen few of its key products  supported through registration and Totril (ioxynil) is one which is now revoked. Maya provides the obvious replacement for the revoked Totril. At 0.75 l/ha, it offers excellent control of fat hen, black nightshade, common orache, oilseed rape volunteers, groundsel, charlock and also polygonums such as  black bindweed, and knotgrass, as well as useful control of fumitory, mayweed and volunteer beans. It is applied early post emergence with the latest stage being when the onions having four true leaves. One of the main and visually obvious benefits of Maya is that it is a suspension concentrate that has been proven to outperform emulsifiable concentrate formulations of bromoxynil in both crop vigour and phytotoxicity trials. Growers can be assured that the job is well done, that the most competitive weeds are controlled early and the crop can grow away unhindered,” says Dick Dyason, technical manager for UK and Ireland for Nufarm.

He explains that Maya is also recommended in cereals – spring barley, winter barley, spring oats, winter oats, spring wheat and winter wheat – up to second node detectable and in forage and grain maize, outdoor sweetcorn up to 9 fully expanded leaves and in linseed up to when the crop is 15 cms high. “It is a valuable partner herbicide in programmes with other actives in these other crops and an important anti-resistance measure to avoid any build-up of broad-leaved weed resistance to ALS inhibitors. It controls resistant mayweeds.”

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