Launch of Vivando in mushrooms

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Mushroom growers will be delighted to have another fungicide weapon to use this year against the damaging disease of cob web mould. Vivando, based on the mildewicide metrafenone, is now approved for use on the casing soil at start of fruit yield.

Cobweb mould caused by Dactylium dendrites mildew is recognised by circular patches of cottony white cobweb, its mycelium grows over the casing soil. The mycelium makes the mushrooms discolour and can cause rot, leading to unsaleable mushrooms. Cobweb mildew can grow very rapidly in optimal conditions of high humidity and temperature, at about 1 to 2 cms per day and it needs to be treated promptly.

Aneeta Gupta, technical specialist, points out that Vivando is registered in the UK and in Ireland and will be available to growers this September in the UK. “Metrafenone is a different group to other fungicides, so it can be integrated into a programme. It appears to be active on all stages of the pathogens life cycle- inhibiting spore germination, infection and mycelial growth. It affects spore production by preventing normal development of conidiophores and conidia,” explains Aneeta.

Vivando is applied to the surface of the casing soil at 1ml/m² in 150 ml/m² of water at the start of fruit yield.

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