New Amistar label amends bring changes for vegetable applications

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New label approvals for Amistar has seen the addition of further salad crops and simplification of application timings for a wide range of brassica crops. Growers and agronomists should also be aware of label changes in a number of other vegetable crops.

Syngenta Field Technical Manager, Simon Jackson reported salad growers have welcomed the full label approval for a range of outdoor and protected crops, including lettuce, endive (including frisee and escarole) and chicory (radicchio).

“The label approval for salad crops does now have a maximum total dose of 500g of azoxystrobin per hectare per year and a limit of two applications per crop,” he advised.

The brassica label has also changed, which has simplified the growth stage application timing; all brassicas on the label can be treated from BBCH16-49, which covers Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale (winter greens), collards (spring greens), broccoli and calabrese – all now as full approvals, pointed out Simon.

“All approved brassica crops have a 14 day harvest interval, with two applications permitted as before, so no change. A 12 day interval between applications has also remained unchanged on the label.

Importantly, for all approved brassica applications, the Amistar label now states the maximum total dose of azoxystrobin is 500 g per ha per year, he added. Growers will need to take this into account, especially when applying programmes including Amistar (containing 250 g/l azoxystrobin) and Amistar Top (containing 200 g/l azoxystrobin), along with implications for multiple cropping on the same field.

For onions, Simon pointed out the new label approval has reduced the total number of applications to three, from four on the old label. The harvest interval has remained unchanged at 14 days, but the label now states a minimum interval of seven days between applications of Amistar. Garlic and shallots have also been added to the label.

For carrots the new label has reduced the total number of applications for carrots from four, to three, with a new harvest interval of 14 days, compared to 10 days on the old label. The new label also states a minimum interval of 7 days between applications of Amistar.

Growers have until the end of August 2018 to use up stocks of Amistar with the old label. Growers with stocks of Amistar with the old label, but wishing to use the extended label approvals for other crops, should download a copy of the authorisation letter from the CRD website for their records ( The Amistar MAPP number will remain the same.

Full details of the label changes are available on the Syngenta website, or growers can call the Syngenta Technical Enquiries helpline on 0800 1696058 for further advice.

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