Wren – latest addition to Sesvanderhave recommended sugar beet varieties

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Wren is the latest innovation from global sugar beet breeder Sesvanderhave – a variety that has been developed and tested under UK conditions and tailored to the needs of Britain’s sugar beet growers. 

“UK growers face the twin challenges of an uncertain market and variable weather patterns every season,” says Sesvanderhave’s UK managing director Ian Munnery. “Wren has been selected from our extensive breeding programme, having invested in more than 25,000 trial plots each year in the UK over the 10 years it takes with conventional breeding to bring a new variety to market. Therefore, we are confident that it will perform consistently well regardless of what the environment throws at it, and show the durability you would expect from our varieties.” 

Its excellent performance, including the tough 2020 season sees Wren in the top 4 varieties for Adjusted tonnes.   With an exceptionally high root yield in the latest BBRO Recommended List, Wren shows that Sesvanderhave’s investment in research and development continues to push crop yields ever higher. It stands out for strong establishment and with a low bolting score in early sowing trials making it a dependable choice for farmers who wish to make full use of the season by sowing early to exploit mature plant resistance as part of their strategy to combat Virus Yellows. At the same time, it will perform well sown later in the season. 

With effective disease tolerance, Wren is a good all-round performer that will make a good contribution to a farm’s variety mix. 

Wren joins Lacewing on the Recommended List. Lacewing is an ideal choice where beet cyst nematode has been found, or is suspected. It offers resistance to the pest with minimal yield drag and a price that won’t break the bank.

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