Kubota enters telehandler market

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Kubota has entered the materials handling market with its first telehandler. The KTH4815-2 is a compact machine at just 1.6m wide, with an overall height of below 2m, making it ideal for traditional livestock and poultry buildings.

The model number indicates a 4.8m lift height and a maximum capacity of 1.5 tonnes, with the standard specification also including hose burst check valves and a load-movement sensor with forward over-turn protection.

Hydraulic power is rated at 81 litres per minute, with 51 litres available through an auxiliary circuit for powered attachments. The headstock locks hydraulically and a proportional joystick is fitted in the cabin, with adjustable flowrate and memory function.

A Kubota D1803 three-cylinder engine provides a peak output of 50hp and is mounted on the right-hand side between the front and rear wheels, with generous access to filters and the battery isolator. Power is put to the ground through a hydrostatic transmission, with Bosch Rexroth motors and Carraro axles, providing two-speed ranges with maximums of 7kph and 25kph.

Four versions are available. Two feature a canopy with a curved windscreen, while the others have fully glazed cabins and a two-piece door. The entry-level model is supplied with a 170kg counterweight and is shod on 10/75×15.3 narrow tyres, reducing both its cost and performance.

Full-cab machines include three work lights, mirrors, cab heating and radio, with air conditioning available as an option. The full specification adds two-wheel and crab steer functionality.

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