New Stoll ISOBUS loader on show at Lamma

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Stoll loaders UK importer Lynx Engineering will introduce the manufacturer’s latest ISOBUS-compatible front loader at Lamma.

ISOBus compatibility integrates loader controls into the tractor’s on-board system, using the in-cab joystick and terminal, providing up to 12 additional functions that can be set according to the operator’s parameters.

Lynx states that this will offer important advantages to operators looking to add a high-performance front loader to their tractors.

“The plus points of enhanced operator comfort, convenience and safety that come with a fully integrated tractor/loader control platform are self-evident. Less so are the innovative hidden features within this system that will make investing in the retrofit of a new front loader an even more attractive proposition,” said Lynx managing director, Nick Ewbank.

“Key is the fact that Stoll has incorporated all the required system components including sensors and a newly designed valve within the loader arm. This means that subject to the usual compatibility checks, virtually any make or model of ISOBUS-equipped tractor can be fitted with the new loader.

“Furthermore, fitting the loader and connecting it with the tractor’s existing ISObus control platform will take substantially less time in the workshop compared with a typical assembly routine requiring a separate, dedicated loader control system, joystick and hydraulics.”

The company expects the new loaders to be available to order later in the year, with the ISOBUSconnected system eventually being available across all ProfiLine FS and FZ models.

ISOBUSconnected functions;

Teach-In – automatically enables movement sequences of the lift arm and tool to be programmed in and saved for future use

Pressure Regulation – for the safe and convenient use of a bale grab, the clamping force can be limited by regulating the hydraulic pressure in the third junction. This can also prevent overloading.

Load Independent Lowering Speed – maintains the same lowering and lifting speed irrespective of the load by automatically adjusting the return oil flow

Return to Position – the lift arms and front tool automatically return to a pre-selected position at the touch of a button

Ramp Function – enables the pre-selection of the desired working reaction speed

Working Window – limits the tipping angle and lift height of the machine based on operator parameters. Ideal when working in confined spaces or areas with little headroom

Load Weighing – calculates the weight of load by taking the pre-calibrated weight of the tool in use from the total weight

Vibration Damping – using a switchable accumulator, the loader attachment is transformed into a mass absorber to dampen the vibrations on the vehicle body. The loader attachment can also be isolated from the body to avoid vibrations from the chassis

Electronic Flow Sharing – smooth switching off and mixing of functions, including 3rd function

End-Position Cushioning – prevents harsh and sudden braking movements of the loader attachment when reaching the cylinder end position

Bucket Shake – a function to remove stubborn material from the bucket

Electronic Hydraulic Parallel Levelling (FS+ models only) – the implement is automatically held in the defined position as the lift arms are moved up and down, maintaining the correct angle to the ground

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