Amazone to celebrate 40 years at this year’s Cereals Event

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Since its inauguration in 1983, Amazone Ltd has participated in the Cereals Event as it toured around the country in those early years before settling in the A1 corridor. The shape of the machines on show over those 40 years has certainly changed when we considered the ZA-U 1001 twin disc spreader and D7/30 EC-N conventional drill in combination with the REV 30 reciprocating harrow as the state-of-the-art products at that time. Nowadays we have the 15 metre wide Condor 15001-C direct tine seeder, the ZA-TS spreaders capable of spreading up to 54m, work rates up to 60 ha/h and with spread pattern accuracy monitored by radar along with wind speed and direction catered for during spreading. Spraying moves rapidly towards plant by plant application with the realisation of spot spraying and DirectInject.

40 years of machinery development

As part of their 40 year anniversary celebration, and to compliment the usual impressive array of cultivation, seeding, spraying and fertilising kit, this year’s Cereals Event will see Amazone open up its Stand 948 to an exhibition of its machinery development over the last 40 years along with an open-house seminar programme starting each day at 11am and running throughout the middle of the day. These seminars, given by industry-leading experts, will offer visitors to the Stand the chance to catch up on the latest thinking behind crop establishment and crop care demands.

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