Continental adds two more sizes to its VF CombineMaster agricultural tyre range

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Continental has added two additional sizes to the VF CombineMaster agricultural tyre portfolio. Following the successful uptake of the first three sizes since the launch in 2020, the 620/70R26 and 750/65R26 sizes have been added to complement the range. “The new tyre sizes are designed for the steering axles of harvesters and for all positions on loader wheels. The HexaBead technology helps the tyre to grip the rim at lower pressures which can help to reduce soil compaction,” says Continental agricultural tyre specialist, Richard Hutchins. 

 VF CombineMaster: a reliable partner on and off the field

Combine harvesters have to withstand both cyclical loads in the field and high speeds on the road. “Even outside the harvesting season, agricultural machinery is needed off the field, for example, to clear snow in the winter,” he says. “On muddy ground, the VF CombineMaster offers great traction when loading and can be used with 40 percent less tyre pressure for the same load as a standard tyre, which helps to reduce soil compaction or can carry 40 percent higher load at the recommended pressure,” he adds.

HexaBead and VF technology offer greater flexibility and stability

Combine tyre bead technology hexabead

The VF CombineMaster offers exceptionally high core strength due to HexaBead core technology. The hexagonal bead core allows the carcass material to wrap around the bead in a more effective way, which improves power transmission. “The HexaBead core design also maximises the load capacity of the carcass. The technology was developed specifically for combine front tyres and loaders and ensures high torque transfer from the rim to the tyre,” he adds. 

VF tyres not only enable farmers to save time and fuel, but also help to reduce soil compaction. VF technology allows the tyre to be used at lower air pressure. This means that the tyre can be driven without pressure adjustment to the weight of the load and the ground without degradation. Thus, VF tyres deliver a constant load capacity even at high speeds and, compared to standard tyres, allow a reduction in tyre pressure while maintaining the same performance. In addition, the combination of patented N.flex technology and innovative d.fine lug technology ensures very good flexibility with low vibration at the carcass and high resistance to wear.

Continental’s VF CombineMaster tyres are now available in five sizes

o    0620231 VF 500/85R24 CFO 167A8/B Co/M 

o    0620232 VF 500/85R30 CFO 170A8/B Co/M 

o    0620233 VF 600/65R28 CFO 163A8/B Co/M 

o    0620237 VF 620/70R26 CFO 173A8/B Co/M 

o    0620238 VF 750/65R26 CFO 177A8/B Co/M


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