Cultro 5 to 9 TC – fast, solid, efficient and particularly variable

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The horsepower requirement of the double knife roller Cultro TC is very low, and the machine has a wide range of applications – also in combination with other machines. The knives produce an intensive crushing result, rape and silage maize stubbles and catch crops.

So far, the Cultro TC has been available in 3 m and 12 m working width. As the marketing potential is rather high HORSCH now also offers the Cultro TC with 5 m, 6 m and 9 m working width to be able to react even more flexible to the customers’ requirements. Especially in the range of 5 to 6 m working width, the Cultro TC can be combined optimally with other machines, e.g. by means of a front attachment without packer with the disc harrow Joker CT. Another option is the rear attachment for the Cultro 5/6 and 9 CT. The Cultro 9 TC can even be combined with a 3-row harrow for an intensive distribution of harvest residues and for the production of fine earth.

An important feature is the Cultro system, i.e. a double knife roller with a cross layout. The crosswise cut creates a maximum crushing effect. The rollers are arranged over the whole working width and are equipped with 6 knives per roller. The diameter of the roller body is very compact and thus guarantees a high number of revolutions and a high number of cuts per revolution. This, too, guarantees a special crushing of the organic matter.

In the field, due to the frame concept the weight of the machine completely rests on the knife roller. The knives are attached at the rotor to guarantee utmost stability.

In the future, HORSCH also wants to offer the rear version in the range of 5 and 6 m. A modification will not be possible but due to the various options from front attachment in the 3 to 6 m range to rear attachment in 3 to 12 m working width all customer requirements can be met flexibly.

At operational speeds of up to 20 km/h the Cultro 5 to 9 TC guarantees maximum hectare output with minimum horsepower requirement.


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