Finer SL – a wide field of applications

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What are the features that make the HORSCH Finer SL outstanding? Definitely its design with a compact tine section with a tine spacing of 15 cm and a frame height of 55 cm. The tine spacing of 15 cm combined with 22 cm wing coulters which now are also available with carbide coating guarantee an all-over cutting. With its 2-row harrow it is ideal for shallow weed control immediately before sowing. But it is also optimal for seedbed preparation or to cultivate emerged weeds mechanically all year round.

The tines of the Finer SL are distributed to 4 bars and with a size of 70×12 mm are ideal for intensive working. For heavier conditions the tines can be equipped additionally with a double spring. Thus, the rebound force can be doubled. In combination with the solid frame design the Finer SL is able to work intensively over the whole working width and to cut any growth as completely as possible.

Working shallowly requires, in addition to very even soil conditions, a very precise depth control of the tools. Due to the attachment spaces in front of and behind the tine section the Finer SL can be equipped with various tools. The highest degree of soil adaption is achieved if the machine is equipped with front support wheels combined with a packer or support wheels behind the tine section. The Finer SL can be driven in the oblong hole of the upper link and adapts to the field contours irrespective of the tractor. If the focus is on seedbed preparation, in many conditions a packer in the rear is enough for depth control. In the future, the front attachment space can optionally be equipped with a Crossbar. The packer guarantees additional fine earth in the seedbed and the required seed-soil-contact when sowing.

During the development of the Finer SL one focus was on maximum flexibility of the machine. For example, machines with a packer roller for very wet conditions or for mechanical growth control can be equipped with support wheels instead of the packer with only a minimum effort.

Last but not least a harrow is available for the Finer SL as an option. The customer can choose between three versions: a 1-row harrow, a 2-row harrow and a 2-row harrow with hydraulic inclination adjustment. The latter is particularly interesting if plant remains that have been cut off have to be freed from earth. The driver can perfectly adapt the accumulation capacity of the harrow to the soil conditions and thus achieve an optimum result with regard to the combing of the plants and the fine earth production.

A comprehensive packer range is available for the Finer SL to be optimally equipped for all requirements of the specific site.


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