Greater capacity from new variable chamber baler range

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KUHN Farm Machinery has introduced a new VB 3200 variable chamber baler range offering users 10% additional capacity and bale density compared to the outgoing models.

The new VB 3260 and VB 3290 models replace the VB 3100 series – VB 3160 and VB 3190 machines – and along with the increased capacity, the new models feature Progressive Density Plus to achieve 10% higher bale density. The VB 3260 can produce bale sizes from 0.8m to 1.6m, whereas the VB 3290 can reach bale diameters of 1.85m.

KUHN’s grassland product specialist, Rhodri Jenkins, explains where the new baler series fits in. “We have taken the proven concepts from the outgoing models and incorporated these into the new design along with innovative features to increase output and bale quality. The range is aimed at customers requiring higher density bales and greater output in a variety of different crops throughout the season.”

A new heavy crop roller, with spring loaded tines for improved pre compression and crop flow, can increase overall efficiency of the baler by 10% compared with the previous generation. Further efficiency gains are provided by a quicker tailgate that ejects a bale in six seconds.

The Progressive Density Plus system is a pressure boost to provide higher bale density in dry crops. The density is increased by the hydraulic cylinders and spring tensioner increasing the resistance on the belts, while a belt tensioning arm provides an additional 10% when required. The baler can be operated via a tractor’s ISOBUS terminal, or through the VTI 60, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 Isobus screens. Non-Isobus machines are standard with the VT 30 control unit.

A reinforced driveline for improved longevity includes a stronger main drive chain, larger rotor drive chain, and additional reinforced bearings and seals for the high-capacity rollers. Users have the option of a non-cutting OPTIFEED rotor to provide an even swath flow as it enters the baler, for consistent bales. A 14- and 23-knife OPTICUT rotor, with each knife spring protected against foreign objects and providing a theoretical chop length of 70mm for OC 14 and 45mm for the OC 23, is also available. Both OPTIFEED and OPTICUT models benefit from an INTEGRAL ROTOR, offering greater throughput thanks to a shorter distance between the rotor and pick up tines to provide consistent crop flow. As standard on both models is the DROPFLOOR, allowing the floor and knives to be lowered hydraulically to clear blockages.

The 3260 and 3290 models are also available in baler-wrapper combination units with the same new features as the standard models. Offering 15% quicker bale transfer times due to the increased tailgate speed, the VBP 3260 and VBP 3290 are also equipped with automatic unloading of straw bales in pairs and a hold-to-run button for the satellite wrapper rotation.

The hold-to-run button allows operators to rotate the wrapping arms by half a revolution to ensure the wrap is connected to the bale after fitting a new roll, while rotating the satellite arms allows film roles to be replaced from the same side.  A new 3D Eco Wrapping system reduces the amount of film applied to the centre of the bale and ensures the bale edges are covered first to protect the most vulnerable parts of the bale.

Rhodri concludes: “The high-spec new models are reaching the UK in time for this season, and we are excited to see them working in UK crops. The changes will increase output and offer users more options in a variety of different crops with an enhanced driveline for increased longevity.”

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