KRM adds to Sola box drill range

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KRM has extended its range of Sola-built mechanical box drills with the SD-3115 and will exhibit a twin-hopper seed and fertiliser model at Cereals.

The machine has a capacity of 424 litres for seed and 442 litres for fertiliser, with extensions available to boost this to 490 and 510 litres respectively. Products are individually metered with a sliding roller design that enables the SD to handle all seed types.

With a 3m working width, it has 16 coulters spaced at 18.75cm, allowing it to work on farms utilising mechanical weeding. It uses the same SM tine coulter as the established SM-P and SM1909 drills, which can work directly into unmoved soil and in ploughed fields. Fertiliser is placed directly behind the tungsten carbide coulter top, with seed sown above.

The coulters are mounted in three rows, staggered at 40cm to allow trash to move through the machine. Each one also features an auto reset spring to protect. Angled harrow tines are mounted at the back to ensure good soil to seed contact and retain moisture.

Using an RDS control box, growers can tramline with the machine, with an alert sounding if any issues are detected.


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