New grain loss measurement system introduced in Europe

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A new Grain Loss Measurement System from Schergain is now available in Europe. In a few simple steps, the system provides a tangible way to measure the grain coming out of the back of the combine. This system has enabled thousands of farmers to calibrate their combine accurately, often resulting in significantly less grain loss.

“ScherGain’s simple design has been developed to mount on any combine using our magnetic remote system that is integrated in the tray,” said Trevor Scherman, owner of Schergain. “The operator simply drops the pan using the remote, cleans the sample and measures it.”

“We are excited to offer this simple, yet effective device that will allow farmers to determine what grain loss they have from the combine” said Danea Armstrong of Oria Agriculture. “Farmers can quickly calibrate the combine to improve yields and therefore profit.”

Schergain has been seeing significant growth in Canada, the United States and Australia. The system is available in Europe exclusively through Oria Agriculture. Kits include the patent- pending Schergain Drop Pan, two remotes, battery, grain gauge and Schergain’s Grain Loss Measurement Chart.

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