New Holland adds new high capacity model to flagship CR range

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Following the launch of the CR11 at Agritechnica, New Holland has introduced the CR10 companion model. It retains the new technology while increasing the power output and grain capacity.

The CR10 features a 16,000-litre grain tank and is powered by a 635hp FPT Cursor 13 engine, while the larger CR11 offers 775hp from its Cursor 16 power unit and a 20,000-litre tank.

Both models are reportedly designed to handle greater crop flows, with cutterbars up to 15m available in a range of specifications, as well as maize headers up to 16 rows. Three drivelines are available for the headers; fixed drive, variable drive and a heavy-duty variable system.

Variable systems feature a CVT drive unit on the engine gearbox which enables the header and feeder speed to be varied based on conditions.

As standard, the elevator features front face adjustment and lateral tilt, both controlled from the cabin, and the crop is then fed into the Dynamic Feed Roll system, which can now be reversed if a blockage occurs.

The company’s long-standing Twin Rotor threshing system has been updated, with two 600mm rotors providing a high throughput. Each rotor features 40 standard rasp bars, eight HX raspbars and 12 spiked raspbars.

The vane angle can be controlled from the cabin and the company states that the new design of the vanes aids with crop ejection if the rotors are reversed.

A new TwinClean cleaning shoe has been integrated, consisting of two sieve systems laid out in sequence. Each has its own upper and lower sieve, with a clean grain auger. Airflow is provided by a high-power fan, while two cross distribution mechanisms are in place to maintain an even load across the cleaning system.

Also within the cleaning shoe is a side shake mechanism which evens out material across the full width, enabling the system to compensate for uneven feeding and side slopes.

Alongside the high-capacity tanks, the CR11 offers an unloading rate of 210 litres/second, while the CR10 can unload its tank at 159 litres/second. On the flagship, the unloading rate can be halved to aid with topping off trailers.

Two residue systems are available. The standard chopper features 60 fixed blades and 52 counter knives, working at 3,000rpm for chopping or 800rpm for swathing. This offers a spreading width for chopped material of up to 15m.

The high hood chopper option has a 500mm beater with two rows of spikes and two rows of blades. This is followed by a six-row chopper unit with 88 flail knives and 67 counter knives. It can operate at 900rpm or 3,600rpm and spread chopped straw out to 18m for an even spread.

Control of the CR11 and CR10 can be done from the new cabin, with two Intelliview 12 touchscreen terminals. Both models are fitted with three cameras to provide an all-around view of the combine. Two precision farming bundles are also available, with Core PLM offering the most requested features, while Advanced PLM adds additional functionality.

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