New low rolling resistance tyres launched

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Trelleborg’s new TM1 Eco Power low rolling resistance tyres offer fuel savings of up to 3% the company claims.

Gianluca Abbati, vice president of technology & innovation said: “Performance comparison tests against premium agricultural tyres show that the TM1 Eco Power has up to 47% lower rolling resistance, with up to 3% savings in fuel and battery consumption on electric tractors. The innovative tyre design and its self-cleaning properties have also proven to provide 26% greater traction on hard soil and 12% extra operator comfort.”

Trelleborg has also introduced the HF1000 implement tyre. This is designed to handle larger load capacities associated with loader wagons and slurry tankers.

It has a new tread pattern to offer a wider footprint and self-cleaning capabilities, while also minimising soil compaction. It has a very high flexion (VF) casing and steel belted construction.

The company has also updated its Adaptive Tire Management System (ATMS), enabling users to access real-time tyre data to help them improve tractor performance. The system uses sensors mounted on the tyre and measures dynamic load, pressure and temperature.

Using this data, ATMS then informs the operator who can optimise the machine configuration to improve performance, either by adjusting the tyre pressure or changing the amount of ballast

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